When you sign up for a Coviu paid account and invite team members, they are all added as normal members with restricted capabilities. For example, they cannot access the list of team members, can't see billing information, and can't configure the account.

As the team administrator you have the following capabilities:

To manage team members, sign in and click on the "Team Members" text in the application menu.

Removing team members

You can remove members that have left your team by clicking on the little rubbish bin symbol to the right of their name. This will reduce your monthly charges, so it's good to keep your member list up to date. The system will automatically amend the charges and you will get reimbursed for the days that the deleted persons are not signed up in the next month.

Please make sure to keep one administrator around!

Elevate to admin status

You can elevate team members to administrator status by clicking on the little X symbol in the Administrator column. It will change to a green tick and henceforth they will be able to do all the things you can do in the account, including:

  • seeing the billing details and when the next payment will take place
  • changing the payment method
  • changing the plan
  • configure the name of your account as well as the subdomain
  • configure the custom branding of your video rooms, including logo and colors
  • and configure any add-ons, including the client portal, bookings etc.

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