Coviu has three different products:

  1. Individual accounts - this is a free account to allow you to have your own personal Coviu meeting room and to experiment with Coviu calls. It is limited in functionality and does not try very hard to get through corporate firewalls.
  2. Professional/Team accounts - this is a paid account for one or more users. It has some extra functionality over an individual account, specifically it tries hard to get through corporate firewalls and allows you to add extra functionality into your room, e.g. text markers, support for a specific file format, or even custom branding. The person who sets up this account becomes the billing administrator. After the end of the free trial period, they pay per user per month via a credit card.
  3. Enterprise API - this is an account for software partners. You can choose:
  • either to use our API to set up video consultation rooms in your application - in this case, you pay $2 per session, monthly charged to your credit card.
  • or to work with us as an API partner. In this case, your users would be signed up both to a Coviu Professional/Team account and to your software. You would add the Coviu API calls such that your customers have to authenticate via OAuth with us first before they are able to arrange video calls in your application. You pay nothing, since your users have already paid for their account.

What payment methods do we support?

Our payments are backed by Stripe, so you can use any credit card supported by Stripe.

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