Did you know that you have a choice of sharing the audio in a screenshare? When the selection dialogs comes up for what screen to share, you can choose to also share the audio. This way, you can watch a video on YouTube together or share playing of a Web game.

In the selection screen for screensharing, pay attention to a small button at the bottom that asks you if you want to "Share audio":

The downside of activating the audio in the screensharing is that the screenshare may also pick up on your microphone, so you may inadvertently be sending your voice twice during a screenshare. This results in quite warbled and echo-y audio which can be quite annoying.

To solve this problem, we decided to give you control during the screensharing. If you check the toolbar that's above your shared screen, you will find a microphone button that allows you to turn off the screenshare audio if it becomes a problem:

Others in the call can turn off the audio that they receive from a screenshare also. Here's it's a speaker icon in the toolbar that you have to search for:

That should really solve your screenshare audio problems. If not, do let us know!

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