When registering a Coviu user account, you will be prompted to enter a few details - your name, email address, a password and finally - a unique username.

This username is essentially a unique handle for your account that is used to identify your personal Coviu rooms, such as:

  • The package member rooms that are associated accounts have a URL like https://[customdomain].coviu.com/room/@[your-username-here]).

Choosing a username

While we do provide a recommendation for a username when registering that is based on your name, the choice for your username is completely up to you - provided that it adheres to the following requirements:

  • It must be unique - you can't use an alias that is already used by another Coviu user
  • It must only contain letters, numbers, hyphens and underscores

Changing your username

If you find that you would like to change your username, you can do this at any time via your Account Settings.

Important note: When updating your username, the URLs of your individual room and any personal team rooms you own will be updated to reflect your new username.

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