On mobile devices, Coviu provides an app that you can install and use whenever you have a meeting. That works both for signed up Coviu users as well as for guests (clients / patients / peers).

The app is available for free in the respective App store.

After installing, you will be greeted with a sign-in page.

As a signed-up Coviu user, you can simply sign into your account with your email address and password.

As a guest, what you do is: you copy the URL from your email or calendar invite into the "Join a call" section below the sign-in area. Then click "Join" and you will immediately land in the right video room.

As a guest, you can alternatively, also just click in your email or calendar invite on the video room link. On iOS it will open this link straight in the app. On Android it will open it in the Web browser. In either case, you will be taken straight to the right room to hold your meeting.

After having held a guest call on the mobile app, your mobile app will track the last links in a call history:

That will make it easy for you to enter the same room again should you happen to have  recurring meeting with the same video room link.

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