Coviu users on the GP/Specialist plans can upload and send prescriptions to a pharmacy using Rosemary Health. 

All prescriptions uploaded via Rosemary are sent to licensed Australian pharmacies and the medication will be delivered to your patient's door.

NOTE: Patients need to sign up to Rosemary to receive their medication.

To upload a prescription:

1.  You must have the Rosemary Health feature activated on your account. Please contact us directly here and we will add it for you.

2. Prescribe and print the prescription on your practice management software as usual.

3. During the consultation, click on the 'Rx' icon on the top right hand side of the call interface. Accept the consent information. 

4. Ensure the following form is filled out with both your information and your patient's information. If you have your details saved, and a patient enters their details before the call, then this form will be automatically filled.

5. Under 'Prescription Images', you can choose to 'Use Camera' to take a photo of the printed prescription or 'Upload' a digital image of the prescription.

  • Use Camera:

Hold the prescription up to the camera. Keep the full prescription in frame so all information is visible for a pharmacist to read the script. Include the barcodes in the frame if any. Then click 'Done' to take the photo.

  • Upload:

If your prescription has been saved in a digital format on your computer, click 'Upload' and search for the file. Be sure that the digital copy includes all information a normal hardcopy version would.

To submit and send a prescription:

1. Once you have uploaded the prescription image or photo, your files will be visible and ready for submission.

2. Click the 'Submit' button to securely send the prescription to the patients chosen pharmacy.

3. A Rosemary pharmacist will review and prepare the prescription. 

They may decline medication items that are ineligible for delivery. Click here for more information.

Handling the original paper prescriptions:

All printed prescriptions must be mailed back to the Rosemary pharmacy to keep on file. Please collect all prescriptions prescribed to customers during the calls and send them in an envelope at the end of the week.

Please send the prescriptions to the following address - 

147-151 Redfern St, 

Redfern, NSW 2016

Account admins can go into 'configure' and find the Rosemary Health add on and change the pre call settings, so that the RH form does not automatically appear for all patients.

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