Professional or Clinic Coviu users on the GP/Specialist plans can upload and send prescriptions to a pharmacy using Rosemary Health.

All prescriptions uploaded via Rosemary are sent to licensed  Australian pharmacies to be reviewed.

Some medication items will be rejected by Rosemary pharmacists as they do not comply with remote dispensing or medication delivery protocol.

Ineligible medication items include:

  • Schedule 8 or Schedule 4D medication
  • Temperature-sensitive and cold chain medication
  • Unlicensed medication
  • Sedatives or sleeping tablets
  • Other medication deemed unsuitable, dangerous, highly regulated or in any way unsuitable without the continuous monitoring of a customer’s treating health practitioner

If all prescribed items are ineligible for submission to a Rosemary pharmacy: please send a hardcopy of the prescription to the patient's chosen pharmacy for pick up, or send the script directly to the patient.

If one of the prescribed items is ineligible for submission to a Rosemary pharmacy, you are able to write separate prescriptions for eligible items and upload to Rosemary.
Then, a separate prescription of ineligible items can be printed and sent to the pharmacy or patient.

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