One of our add-on resources is called "Interactive Objects". That's a pretty cryptic name for something quite simple actually. If you come up with a better name, let us know and we'll change it.

Imagine a boardgame where you put down the board and then some pieces on top that you can move. Well, that's an interactive object: a background image with a set of images that you can drag and drop on top of that background image.

So that's what "Interactive Objects" is: a custom puzzle put together from a background image and a set of foreground images.

As you hit the "Create game" button, the puzzle is created:

You can now drag the snake, kangaroo and koala around on top of the background image.

Custom games

If you have some ideas for drag-and-drop scenes you could build and would use in Coviu, email us at with your idea and we'll give you a quote.
Here's an custom example we built from "Interactive Objects": a chess game.


To activate the "Interactive Objects" add-on for your Coviu Professional account, send us an email at and we'll turn it on for you. Right now this is for free. In the near future, we will create functionality to let you turn these add-ons on and off yourselves, at which time we will be charging a small extra monthly amount.

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