Coviu is at its core a video conferencing solution.
However, our goal is to enable the use case of experts delivering consultations so we develop functionality that is particularly useful in situations where, e.g. a health practitioner, a business coach, a lawyer, accountant or such provides a consulting service via video.

Coviu enables the video consultation use case via three different products:

  • Single user account: this is for individuals with minimal needs - mostly this account exists so you can test Coviu. Note that Single user accounts don't provide much effort for getting through corporate firewalls because they are targeting consumer type usage only.
  • Professional/Team account: this is for businesses or teams within businesses. Your business may be a medical practice or a legal practice or a tutoring business. These accounts provide an ability to extend in-room functionality with new features, such as getting paid.
  • API account: this is for applications that want to add video consultation capability to their feature set. Find out more about the API.
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