Audio issues with iOS 14.2

This article advises Coviu customers (including your clients and patients) that an audio issue has been discovered with the iPhone/iPad operating system version, iOS 14.2.

Last updated: Dec 2020


The recent update to iOS 14.2 brought with it an audio quality issue. Coviu users/patients/clients who are joining a call may experience a crackling sound over their voice at the start of a video call which should dissipate as the call progresses.

Apple is aware of the issue and working to resolve it.

There is no known work around for the issue currently so we recommend not updating to iOS 14.2 if possible. Apple advises that Version 14.3 is due towards the end of this year.


How do I know which iOS version my device is using?

On an iPhone or iPad:
  • tap Settings,
  • then tap General,
  • then tap About.
  • Look for the Software Version number.


Unsure how to update your iPhone or iPad? I recommend reading Apple's instructions on how to update your iPhone or iPad.


Author: KM