Cliniko + Coviu: Linking your Cliniko account to Coviu

Link your Cliniko account to Coviu so your patients can make appointment bookings

Have you prepared your Cliniko account for Coviu?

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We've made it possible for Coviu appointments to magically appear in your Cliniko calendar. This means all of your appointment bookings will be conveniently located in Cliniko!

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to link your Cliniko account to Coviu.

Before you get started


Step 1 - Enable Cliniko bookings in Coviu Customer Connect

  1. Navigate to the Configure page and click on the Customer Connect tab
  2. Enable the Bookings toggle, and click Configure


3. Select the Cliniko Practice Management option.



4. Enter your Cliniko account details:

  • Cliniko Account Name is the name that appears in the Cliniko URL i.e.    
    (copy the link directly into the account name section)
  • Cliniko Email is the email address of the administrator of your Cliniko account (generally the person who set up your Cliniko account). You can find it by heading to Settings > General settings on your Cliniko account.
  • API Key is a code we need to link your Cliniko account to Coviu. 

To retrieve your API key from Cliniko:
    i. Navigate to My info, located in the Sidebar.



ii. Find the API Keys section, and select Manage API keys.



iii. Add an API key



  iv. Give your key a name (e.g "coviu") and click Create API Key.



v. Copy your new API key and paste it into the API key field in the Coviu form from Step 4.

5. Make sure to add a "Service Filter" in Coviu. A service filter allows you to define what services will be extracted from Cliniko and displayed as services to be chosen for Coviu bookings. 

Service Filters are what is called a regular expression which provide a great deal of control over what services are selected, but can be complicated. To help, you can choose from some our examples below:

  • To make all your services available for booking, use ^.*
  • To make only services which include the word "Online" in the name available, you can use \bOnline\b. Alternately, you could replace Online with another word that applies to your services.
  • To match services on their exact name, you can provide the exact service name, separated by "|". For example, if we wanted to allow a service called "Service 1" and another called "Service 2", we could allow that with Service 1|Service 2.

5.1. Booking Options

Next you can set up some booking options that define how quickly you can take bookings, what your services should be called, and what text is displayed when no bookings are available on a particular day:



Any custom fields you add will end up in the "Notes" field in the appointment booking.

5.2. Confirmation Email

Next you can customise the email that is being sent up for a booking:


There are several fields that end up in different areas in an invitation email:



Fill in what makes sense for your company.

5.3. Sharing

Finally, we provide some HTML code to help you set up the online appointment booking button for your site:



6. Save your configuration. Once you're ready to accept bookings via Coviu, make sure Customer Connect has been published.



Step 2 - Let your patients know they can book Coviu appointments!

Your Cliniko account is now linked to Coviu. Congrats! You can now direct patients to where they can book appointments with your practitioners. All appointments will appear in your Cliniko calendar like normal.

We've also made you a simple Button that you can customise and add to your website and emails. Find it in the Cliniko Booking Module (the same place as in Step 4).


If you want to take payments, please hook up your account to Stripe and hit the "enable payments" button. Then you're able to take payments before a patient enters a video consult.

All done!
Your patients can now book online consultations with you on Coviu, and all appointments will appear in your Cliniko account.


Still have questions?
Reach out to our support team and we'll help you get up and running.