Conducting text-only sessions

Host text-only sessions with your patients

Last updated: Nov 2021

Coviu's marketplace (https://coviu.comapps) has two Apps which together let you host 'text-only' sessions with your patients while leveraging all the in-call features (shared documents, whiteboards etc.) available in standard (audio and video) sessions.

Scheduling text-only sessions

In the marketplace, install the following two Apps:

  • Scheduled sessions
  • Text-only sessions

Once both the Apps have been installed, a new option '+ Schedule a session' should be visible in the left menu bar.

Session Scheduling


Clicking on the '+ Schedule a session' option allows you to schedule a new session. To schedule a text-only session, just select 'Text-only' option under the session type, and everything else is exactly the same as how you would schedule a standard - audio and video session.


Text only Session Option

For more information on how scheduled sessions work, please refer to this help article:

A text-only session looks as follows:

Example Text only Session

You will notice the following features:

  • You can see when the other person is typing and see their posted messages
  • You can use emoticons in the text
  • The participants are all represented in different colours with the time of their text message
  • The ability to use Coviu resources under "Add+" continues to work
  • As the host you can download the text transcript of the conversation.

These text chats are useful e.g. for patients that feel uncomfortable talking with a clinician in person or are in a situation where they cannot get a fully private environment.
Feel free to reach out to Coviu to discuss if this is suitable to you.


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