How to Call a Phone Number from your Coviu Call

This article describes how to call a phone number when in a Coviu call.

The Coviu Phone Call out add-on is a great feature that allows you to call someone on the phone (mobile or landline) and add them to your call. This can be handy when the participant doesn't have immediate access to a computer or smart phone to make a video call.


  • This feature is still in beta testing. To have this feature added to your account, please contact us.
  • This feature will be a monthly subscription based service when it reaches production.
  • If you are on an Enterprise plan and would like this feature added to your account, please contact your Coviu Account representative.


How do I use the Phone Callout feature?

  1. Enter Coviu as you normally would.
  2. Enter your Coviu consultation as you normally would e.g. join a caller in the Waiting Area, your User Room or a Scheduled Session.
  3. Click the Call Manager button Call manager button to add a participant to the call.
  4. Click the Call a phone button. Call manager in a call
  5. The phone number keypad will open.
    Call keypad
  6. Add your participants details.
    1. The phone number field requires the international code.
    2. You can add or remove the leading zero from your phone e.g. enter +610412 34567804 or +61412345678. (no spaces)
  7. Click Dial (or Cancel if required)
  8. You will be returned to the Call Interface and your Participant will join you momentarily.


You have completed another Coviu help article. You now know how to use the Phone Callout feature on Coviu.

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Author: KM