How to use the ezispeakhealth™ add-on in Coviu

Coviu and ezispeak have partnered to offer on-demand video language interpretation across Australia. Unlike most other Language Service Providers, no pre-booking is required. ezispeak will connect you with an interpreter in under 3 minutes!

Last Updated: Mar 2021

Note: This addon requires both a Coviu account and an ezispeak account. If you don’t have an ezispeak account, simply sign-up here. You will need your 5 digit ezispeak Custom ID to perform the following actions.

Note: You must be the administrator or your Coviu account to install and configure add-ons.

Want to watch our Video how-to instead?

You can watch a video of the below instructions by clicking here. Otherwise, read on for full instructions.

How do I install the ezispeakhealth™ add-on?

You can install the ezispeakhealth™ add-on from our Marketplace by clicking here. Click the ezispeakhealth™ tile and follow the prompts to install from there. See the screen capture below for more information.

Once you have installed the add-on, follow the below instructions to configure your ezispeakhealth and Coviu accounts:

  1. Log in to Coviu as you normally would.
  2. Click Configure in the menu on the left the click the Add-ons tab.
  3. Scroll down to the ezispeakhealth add-on and click Configure on the right.
  4. You will be asked to enter some details to confirm your ezispeak account. These include:
    1. your ezispeak Client ID: this is where you enter your 5 digit ezispeak PIN code
    2. Required Data Capture: your user defined data capture label
    3. Custom Data 1: user defined data label
    4. Custom Data 2: user defined data labelScreen Shot 2020-12-08 at 5.04.53 pm

How do I use the ezispeakhealth add-on?

    The ezispeakhealth™ add-on is used when you are in a call with a client or patient.

    You can choose to invite an interpreter into your call when your client or patient is present or, you can invite the interpreter into the call prior to your client or patient entering. This will allow you a moment to introduce yourself and advise the interpreter of the format of the consultation. When you're both ready, you can invite the patient into the call. 

    Follow these instructions for next steps:

    1. From within the main Coviu screen, click on the OPEN EZISPEAKHEALTH button in the upper right-hand corner. This will bring up the Add Interpreter menu.Ezispeak help 1
    2. In this menu, enter your required user details and language/gender preferences:
      1. Field 1: This is the Required Data Capture field you named in the configuration screen.
      2. Field 2: This is the Custom Data 1 field you named in the configuration screen.
      3. Field 3: This is the Custom Data 2 field you named in the configuration screen.
      4. Select Language: Choose your required language
      5. Select Gender: Choose the gender of the required interpreter
        ezispeak help 2
    3. Click the Submit button and ezispeakhealth will send out a request to suitable interpreters.
    4. Once an interpreter has been found, they will appear in the Call Manager. You can now add them to the call by clicking Acceptezispeak 3-1
    5. Once they are added to the call, you will see them in the main screen alongside your patient. You are also able to transfer the interpreter to another Coviu user room or disconnect the interpreter from the call.ezispeak 4


    And that's it! It's super simple to use, but if you need help, please contact Coviu's Customer Success Team here.