Introduction to Coviu Mobile

How to include Coviu in your iOS/Android application

This article will explain how to enable the Coviu interface in a native application on iOS and Android OS. Because WebRTC is missing from WKWebview on iOS, Coviu provides an iOS SDK that enables WebRTC functionality with WKWebview. On Android, it is much simpler because the latest Android WebView includes the WebRTC stack. However, we recommend using CrossWalk WebView because it is consistent across all Android OS versions. 

Next, we will provide instructions for iOS and Android respectively.  

Working on iOS

Install From Cocoapods

Coviu iOS SDK uses CocoaPods to install and manage dependencies, which enables your iOS app with Coviu capability in 5 minutes.

For how to use it, check here:

Install From Zip package

Coviu iOS SDK is available below to download and is installed in your app directly, though we recommend you use CocoaPods to add SDK to your iOS app.
Download SDK package here:

For how to use it, check the demo on github here:

Working on Android

Crosswalk is a WebView library based on Google Chromium. Coviu provides a demo on github to show how to embed the Coviu interface via Crosswalk Webview on Android.
For more details see: