Inviting New Users to your account

Extend your practice by adding new members to your account

As you start setting up your practice with all the clinicians and support people for video consultations, you will need to add them all to your Coviu account.

Watch our video tutorial or read detailed instructions below:




In the Coviu Dashboard under "User Rooms" click on the "Invite a new user" button.



After this, you will see a box to enter their email address - add one email address at a time:



They will receive an invitation email to your account that looks something like this:



They just have to click the "Accept your invitation" button to start setting up a Coviu account with their email address and a password. 

They need to use the same email address that they got invited with.

After that, you have another team member on your account!

If you would like to remove a team member or to change admin right on your account. Please follow these instructions