Inviting Client to your Telehealth session

This article will explain how to invite a client into a Telehealth session.

Last updated: Sept 2021

  1. How to invite a Client into your session
  2. How to invite multiple Clients to a session

How to invite a Client into your session

To invite a client to your session simply log into your account here 


Consulation Invite

Then type in the email address of the recipient

Send Coviu Invitation

Your clients will then receive an email from you to join the session.
The email domain name is "invitations". If the client cannot find the email, please ask them to check the spam/junk folder or search their email for "invitations"

The email will look like this.


Coviu Client Invitation View


The client simply need to click the button that says "Join the call"

If your client require more information on how to get Telehealth ready please send them to our Patient information page here

If you want to see what it looks on a video tutorial:


You have completed another Coviu help article. You now know how to invite a Client or multiple clients to a call.

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