Menu hide tool

If you need to hide the tools so you can present something without anyone accidentally interacting with it, this is how. Read below to find out how to use the hidden menu feature.

The tools in Coviu are a fantastic way to interact with your client or patient. Tools such as the PDF share tool, whiteboard and video tools can allow you to connect by giving all participants the ability to interact with the tool as they need to.


Sometimes, however, you might need to just present something. 

For this we have included the ability to toggle the toolbar from your guests as needed.


The setting can be seen in the tools menu which can be opened by clicking on the green 'Tools+' button in the upper right hand corner. 

Clicking on this tool will open the menu. This will appear as a grey column and will contain all your available tools. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-08 at 4.13.10 pm

From here you can tick the 'make tools view-only for guests' box.

Doing so will hide all tools from your guest. They will not be able to start tools themselves or annotate tools you've placed in the presentation space. 

Below is an image comparing the host's window which is presenting a blank whiteboard with the guest's window. Notice the lack of tool bar (circled).



If you run into any issues with this feature, please contact us at