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Last Updated: Dec 2021

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What are Provider numbers?

When working at home health care providers can take advantage of a 2 week period where a practitioner can use a provider number from another location at their own home. This is designed to allow for the delay in applying for new provider numbers that may exist. 

In the midst of COVID19 an emergency extension has been applied to increase the period of time from 2 weeks to 12 weeks when a practitioner can use their normal provider number for their work from home sessions. This plays a role in how you bill your tele-health sessions. 

This has been done to ease the burden on applications for new provider numbers as well as to accommodate the sudden increase in timeframes to get them to you. 

These details were achieved by calling and asking the 'services Australia' Phone line on 13 21 50. The representative recommended that people call them to confirm these details.

Details, other links and expected wait times can be seen here.

Other recommendations may include signing up for a PRODA account which gives you access to HPOS allowing you to generate new provider numbers without having to write in. 

To sign up to PRODA please Click here


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