Recording sessions with Coviu

Audio recording is available on the professional tiers only

You can record the audio of the sessions using Coviu Professional of Clinic Plan. 
You can also purchase an add on to record sessions with Starter plan. 
You will find the record button in the top right hand corner.



How to record a call

To request to start a recording, click the 'Rec' button in the top right of the call.

Once clicked, this will come up on the Patient's page - It'll show up as '______ has requested to record'. They can either accept or deny.



Once the other party has consented, it'll show up like this: '_______ has consented'. 



Once the other party has consented, you will be notified, and then you can select 'Start recording'.

Then, once you're finished with the call, or would like to end the recording, click 'stop recording'.

To download the recording out of your call - to store for future access, in your patient files - you'll need to click on the download button. In the picture below it is the button closest to the text 'call_recording...'. Then, save the file wherever you'd like.