ResApp FAQs for GPs

ResApp Frequently asked questions for GPs

What can ResAppDx aid in the diagnosis of?

ResAppDx can assist clinicians in the diagnosis of lower respiratory tract disease, pneumonia, asthma / reactive airway disease exacerbations, COPD exacerbations*, croup and bronchiolitis (2 years and younger).
*Available on iOS only

How do I enable ResAppDx Respiratory Cough Test add-on?

Head to the Coviu Add-on Marketplace and install the ResAppDx Respiratory Cough Test add-on.

How much does the ResAppDx Respiratory Cough add-on cost?

There is no additional cost to the clinic. The test is funded by the patient. 

What happens after the ResAppDx Respiratory Cough Test add-on is enabled?

Once the add-on is installed, a symptom and device check will appear for all your patients who receive the email link to join your call. Patients who indicate that they are experiencing respiratory related symptoms will be guided to download the ResAppDx app and complete the test.

To patients, the ResAppDx Respiratory Cough Test is referred to as a ‘cough test’.

Who can take the test?

Patients who are 29 days or older.

How much does the respiratory test cost for patients?

The patient will be charged $11.00 per cough test.

Medicare does not cover the cost of this testing.

At this point in time, the payment system has not been enabled.

When does the patient take the respiratory cough test?

The patient takes the cough test prior to the appointment. The results will be available to you (the Clinician) at the start of the session. This will allow more time spent with your patient discussing the results and treatment advice.

Does the patient have to have coughing symptoms to take the test?

If the patient is experiencing short of breath, difficulty breathing, sore throat, runny nose or fever it is recommended that they take the cough test.

The patient will need to produce involuntary coughs so that the app can capture the sounds from their lower airways.

What is in the ResAppDx Analysis Report?

 The ResAppDx Analysis Report provides an indication, yes or no, for each disease tested, based on the patient’s age, symptoms and cough sounds. Watch the ResAppDx Telehealth Overview video for GPs for more information.

Does the patient receive the ResAppDx Analysis Report?

No. The ResAppDx Analysis Report is only made available to the clinician conducting the telehealth consultation. It is available in the ResAppDx respiratory drawer in the session.

Where can I review the clinical performance for ResAppDx?

Please refer to the Instructions for Use for more information. This will be available in the ResAppDx Analysis Report.

For more information on scientific presentations and publications visit

What smartphones are compatible with ResAppDx?

ResAppDx is compatible with iPhone (except iPhone 12 models) and Samsung Galaxy S9, S10 and S20 (except the Ultra and Plus variants).

Disclaimer: Only indicated for use on patients aged 29 days and older. The result of the test should not be used as a sole diagnosis. The result should be used as part of an overall clinical assessment of the patient. Please refer to the Instructions for Use for information on interpreting the results and the clinical performance of ResAppDx. ResAppDx is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG). Always follow and read the Instructions for Use.

Troubleshooting Questions 

The cough test code does not work for the patient.

Ensure that the patient is correctly inputting the right code provided to them before joining the session. This is a unique one-off code that cannot be reused. If they have already completed the test, the code cannot be used again.

The patient has lost the code, how can they see the code again?

If the patient joins the same session, the code and instructions will be displayed. If this is a new session, they may be asked to complete the precall questions again to receive a new code. Once the test has been completed, the code is no longer available.

How long is the cough test code valid for?

The patient needs to use the test code within 6 hours. The analysis report is available for 2 days after the patient has completed the test.

What happens if the patient puts in the wrong information?

The patient will need to make a new booking to take the cough test. 

What happens if the Analysis Report is not appearing in the draw?

You can search for an analysis report using the patient cough test code.

Why can’t I find a result?

The patient’s analysis report is only be displayed if the test has been completed within the last two days. You may need to try the search again if there are connectivity issues.