Call Lock feature

Everything you need to know about the Call Lock feature. (note: currently for Waiting Area rooms only)

As a host of a call you might notice a new lock icon when you connect with a guest. 

This tool has been provided to improve your privacy in your room during a call. 

This update introduced the lock mechanism to Waiting Area calls only. If you are unable to see the lock icon, please check you are in a call taken from the Waiting Area.

The feature needs to be turned on (or off) at a whole-of-clinic level so your Coviu System Administrator will need to set it.

Call lock feature


When you have entered a call with a guest you may click the lock icon to lock entry in from anyone else. (Please note that the lock icon will not appear if you are in the room alone)


Call Functions

After clicking on the lock icon it will toggle to the 'locked' appearance with a confirming dialogue at the bottom of the screen.

Your lock icon will change to the 'locked' appearance shown here.

Call lock notification


You will now notice that if you look at the Waiting Area calls that the room has now been locked. Any other user in your team trying to gain access to the room will not be able to get in until you unlock or leave the call.


Call locked status


If you have any issues with this feature, please contact us at