Enterprise - Platform Reports Summary

This article summarises the reports available in the Platform Reports tab. Your Coviu System Administrator will be able to access and download these reports.

For more information on how to access and download these reports, click here.

Available Platform Reports


Shows information regarding the Organisations on your Platform e.g. a State or Private Health Service with multiple hospitals listed as Organisations on the Platform. The report includes totals for;

  • Total Organisational Units
  • # of Organisational units used in consultations or meetings (active Organisational units)
  • # of Clinics used in consultations or meetings
  • New Organisational Units
  • Deleted Organisational Units
  • Total number of consultations
  • # of active user accounts

Clinic / Waiting Areas

Shows information regarding the Clinic Waiting Areas within your Organisations e.g. an outpatient clinic. The report includes totals for;

  • Waiting Areas
  • Waiting Areas Enabled
  • Waiting Areas used for Consultations
  • New Waiting Areas
  • Deleted Waiting Areas
  • Consultations
  • Consultation Hours

Meeting Rooms

Shows information regarding the Meeting Rooms in your Organisations including totals for;

  • Meeting Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms used for Meetings
  • New Meeting Rooms
  • Deleted Meeting Rooms
  • Meetings
  • Meeting Hours
  • Total Accounts
  • Active Accounts

Service Providers

Shows information regarding the Service Providers e.g. Clinicians across your Organisations including totals for;

  • Unique Service Providers
  • Logged in Providers
  • Active providers
  • New Service Providers
  • Consultation Quantity
  • Consultation Hours


Shows information regarding the overall number of Users e.g. Service Providers, Administrators, within your Organisations including totals for;

  • Total Users
  • Granted Access
  • Removed


Shows an overview of Consult information for your Organisations including totals for;

  • Consult Quantities
  • Consult Duration

Scheduled Sessions

Shows an overview of Scheduled Session information for your Organisations (if you are using our Scheduled Sessions add-on) including totals for;

  • Total number of sessions booked
  • Total number of sessions held
  • Total number of sessions canceled

Room Users

Shows an overview of User Room usage information for your Organisations (if your Organisation uses User Rooms for consultation purposes) including totals for;

  • Total Consultations
  • Meeting Room Consultations
  • User Room Consultations