Access On-Demand Auslan Interpreters on the 2M lingo™ App

In fast-paced industries like the healthcare industry, immediate access to in-language support can save lives. The 2M lingo™ App offers secure on-demand, 24/7 access via video to Auslan interpreters for Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients. Connect with a certified Auslan interpreter within seconds to enable time-critical language access for health equity and greater satisfaction with care.
2M Language Services’ specialist medical Auslan interpreters are professionally trained in facilitating clear, confidential, and culturally appropriate exchanges between clinicians, patients, their families and/or carers so that all parties can maintain their autonomy during the consultation and informed decisions can be made.
Contact 2M to explore how the 2M lingo™ app can be customised for your practice or set up your account to start requesting Auslan interpreters.

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