Camera blocked to re-enable a blocked camera

Coviu needs access to your device's camera to hold a video call.

As you enter a Coviu call, you will be asked to allow access to your camera.

If by accident you disallow access to your camera, you will get stuck at the entrance to the Coviu room, because the camera is a requirement for entering the room.



When stuck at this page with a blocked camera, it's not sufficient to click "Restart camera" to re-activate the camera. You now have to go either into the browser settings or in the mobile phone device settings to re-allow the camera.

Google Chrome

When in a Chrome browser on a desktop or laptop, you can simply click on the camera symbol in the URL bar to re-activate the camera.



Click on "Always allow...", hit the "Done" button, and reload the page.


When in a Firefox browser on a desktop or laptop, you similarly can click on the "i" button in theURL bar and re-activate the camera there.



Click on the "Blocked Temporarily" cross to re-allow camera access and reload the page.

Chrome on Android Mobile Devices

In Chrome on Mobile, you can click the little menu on the right of the URL bar (the three dot points) and go to Settings.

Click on "Site Settings" - and then choose camera. When you find Coviu in the blocked section, click on it and then click on the camera symbol and allow access.



This will fix up Coviu access to the camera on Android.

Safari on iOS Mobile Devices

On an Apple mobile device, camera access is controlled from the central "Settings" application. Open "Settings", then find "Safari", then scroll down to find "Microphone & Camera access".



You'll need to activate the microphone and camera access to allow the call to take place.