Can I Share My Account With Somebody Else?

Your login details are private to you and are not meant to be shared.

We frequently receive questions about whether you are allowed to share your Coviu account details with other users. This article seeks to clarify our terms of use and also to explain why you should never share your login details with somebody else.

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  1. The legal situation
  2. Why is this a condition?
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1. The legal situation

Coviu's Terms of Service includes the wording below:

You must maintain the confidentiality of your username and password. You are responsible for all activities that are conducted through your account whether or not you have authorised such use. Your account and your right to use the Coviu service are personal to you and you must not authorise others to use your account. It is a condition of use of the Coviu service that you ensure that your contact details are kept up-to-date and accurate. You can change or correct your information by logging-in to your profile.

This informs you that as part of delivering the service to you, we expect you to set up a separate user account for every user that requires access to Coviu. As an individual with a Coviu user account, you are not allowed to share your username and password with somebody else.

Further below, it also mentions any consequences of not adhering to our terms:

We may restrict or suspend your access (and your Authorised Users’ access) to the Coviu service if you or an Authorised User breaches these Service Terms.

For the above situation, that means that if you do share your account with somebody else, or indeed one of the people in your team share their account with somebody else, we can restrict or suspend your access as it is a breach of our service agreement.

2. Why is this a condition?

We have a legal relationship with every person that signs up and agrees to the terms of service. That means, we make the software available to you, we offer you our customer support, we do everything we can to make you successful. We have a legal obligation with you that extends to liabilities and our insurance. The same cannot be said for somebody else that you share your account details with as they did not agree to the terms of service.

You risk a lot by sharing your account details, as you are the person responsible for all activities that are undertaken under your name. Somebody else is risking a lot by using your account details as they are not covered by the legal agreement that you agreed to.

There are also several privacy and security consequences: If there is any data stored about the consultations that you provide to your patients - including call recordings, or evaluations of assessments, or any forms that your patients have filled in - that other person now also has access to this data. You may be breaching patient confidentiality by allowing them access.

There are also data accuracy consequences: Your reports will not be accurate as it will be impossible for us to separate which user has held with consultation. If you are trying to find out more information about whether a patient or client had been present at a consultation, we may not be able to do that because the data is now polluted between your sessions and the sessions of somebody who you shared the account with.

Ultimately, you will have breached the contract with us that you agreed to when accepting the terms of service - that does not make for a good relationship. We really want to help you, so please do not do it. Thank you.

More Support Options

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