Coviu chat feature

Coviu offers a chat feature to be used within your call.

Coviu offers the option to use a Chat Function throughout your Coviu call. 

This may be particularly helpful if you’d like to share a link with your client (or vice versa), or if you need to type something to them - you could have a client who is hard of hearing, or potentially having issues with a piece of hardware; microphone or speaker, etc.


To access this Chat Function within your Coviu call, head to the top right hand corner of your Call Interface - here you’ll see a speech bubble symbol. Click on this. As can be seen in this screenshot, when you hover over the symbol, or click on it you'll see the option to Open Chat. 


Clicking on it will open up a chat box on the far right side of the page.


To make this chat disappear, click on the arrow facing the right side of the page. The chat messages will remain here for if you’d like to go back to it at any time during the duration of the call. Once you hang up, all these messages will be lost.