*Coming Soon*: Pearson Stimulus Books & Digital Administration

Coviu has partnered with Pearson Clinical to enhance our Pearson assessments delivered through Coviu. Digital administration will soon be possible for the following Pearson assessments in addition to the Pearson stimulus book:
  • WISC-V (US)

  • WIAT-4 (US)

  • WAIS-IV (US)

  • KBIT-2 (AU and US)

  • KTEA-3 *Coming Soon*

Through the added ability of digital administration, clinicians will be able to view the questions for each item in the assessment next to the stimulus book. The administration instructions will be available to examiners conducting Pearson assessments on-screen ensuring maximum engagement with the examinee.


Multiple Devices

Stay tuned for more updates on Pearson assessments on Coviu coming very soon!

Learn more about Pearson here:

- AU



Please contact support@coviu.com for any questions.

Updated 22/06/23