Enterprise - Downloading a Clinic Report

This article shows Coviu System Administrators how-to download a Consultation report for a specific clinic on their platform.

Last updated: Nov 2020


If you'd prefer to watch a short video on this instruction, click here.

Let's get started:

  1. Enter your Clinic or platform as you normally would.
  2. From the menu on the left, click Reports.
  3. As shown in the screen capture below,
    1. choose your Reporting Period to a maximum of 60 days.
    2. Select your Timezone.
    3. Choose a minimum consultation duration and then;
    4. Click Generate ReportReport Generation
  4. Two Excel reports will be generated and you can choose which to download and manipulate.
    1. Service Providers Report: will give details such as the number of consultations per service provider in your clinic or platform.
    2. Consultations Report: will give details such as the duration of each consultation undertaken on your clinic or platform.Reporting Download
    3. The report will display at the bottom left corner of your browser window if you are using Chrome and you can choose whether to open or save the Spreadsheet from the up-arrow menu.

      Note: Each Excel report has explanatory notes for the Field Descriptions on Sheet 2.Field Description Explanatory Notes