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Enterprise - Inviting Additional Guests into a Call

For all roles

There are many instances when an additional person may want or need to join a video consultation. For example, the patient may have family members in a different location or the patient needs their interpreter, carer or specific health professional to help discuss their case with the hosting practitioner.

Currently, each video call can host up to 4 participants.

There are two ways to invite a new participant to a video call.

1. Add a user from the Waiting Area

If the caller already knows how to access the Waiting Area, they will be waiting there to join the call. Simply minimise or move the active call screen and find your Waiting Area tab. Click 'Join Call' and they will be brought into your current video call.

Enterprise Waiting Area


2. Invite a new participant via email or sms

From your active call screen, click on the 'Call Manager' icon, then click 'Invite participant.

Participant Invite


You will then be given the option to send an email or SMS notification to the participant you want to add. They will receive a link that joins them directly to the video call after clicking.

New Participant invitation