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This article applies to organisations who are implementing a customisable Enterprise version of Coviu. The information in this article most likely applies to your marketing team, graphic designers or web designers.

Last Updated: Feb 2021


What do we need from you?

  • Your custom logo & favicon for your chosen domain
    • Preferred size for logo image - 240px wide (displays best as a rectangle)
    • Preferred favicon size - 16 x 16px
  • Your custom colour palette for the login page to match your company colours
  • SMS Sending ID
    • 11 Characters
    • Used to flag SMS's sent from the platform on your behalf
    • Recommended to be your company name or an abbreviation thereof 

Coviu’s Enterprise Plan allows organisations to customise their Telehealth platform, including featuring their own domains, branding, corporate colours and logos. This document outlines each element of the platform which can be customised to suit your organisation's needs.

Your Coviu representative will run through these options during implementation and request the various branding assets off you.

Clinician View - Login Screen

The login screen is what your staff will see when they sign into the Telehealth platform.

Enterprise Login Screen

Clinician View - Administrator Screen

The platform dashboard will be accessed by your nominated platform and organisation admin users. Users at this level are generally those staff who can make changes to your system such as adding new staff to the platform.

This is where they will have full oversight of the platform, including organisations and clinics as well as the ability to download comprehensive usage reports.Administration Screen

Patient / Client View - SMS Invitations

One way to invite your clients into a Telehealth session is by sending an SMS invitation containing a link to the session. You can customise the sending name of the SMS to display your name provided it does not exceed 11 characters.

SMS invitations

Patient / Client View - Email Invitations

Another way to invite your clients into a Telehealth session is by sending an Email invitation containing a link to the session.Client View of email invitations


Patient / Client View - Connecting to a Call

Upon clicking the invitation link, your clients will see a screen with a splash image of your choice.

Connecting to a call


Clinician and Patient / Client View - Call Interface

The call interface is the screen seen by both, clinician(s) and client(s) at the time of their Telehealth session.

Call interface



Author: KM