Are you or your client having trouble joining a call?

In this article, we will look at some of the reasons you or your client may not be able to connect to a call plus a few troubleshooting tips.

This article will be of help if you or your client have:

  • attempted to join a call and been presented with a There is an issue with your connection message or;
  • joined a call as a the host and have been presented with the Signaller Connectivity warning.


There can be several factors that may result in your seeing this issue.

Not connected to the Internet

If your Internet connection has dropped out, or for some other reason become unavailable, then Coviu will detect this and display this notification. In this instance, restoring your internet connection will result in this error automatically resolving itself.

  • Can you open other websites? Youtube? A news website? If not, there may be an issue with your internet service provider.
  • Can you change to another network? Wifi? Wired? 4G?

If you are travelling while using Coviu, you may experience this error when your mobile device changes between cellular towers, or when entering areas of low/no service (such as tunnels).

When a drop out occurs, Coviu immediately starts watching for the restoration of your connection. If your Internet connection is restored, Coviu will pick this up and restore your call.

Behind a proxy or firewall (normally when on a corporate network)

Some corporate networks (and even home internet connections) can have rules in place which restrict certain types of internet traffic passing through. Perhaps you've already found that many websites are blocked when you try to visit them?

For Coviu to work on your network, your IT Network Administrator may need to make some changes. I recommend directing them to this page to check available options.

They can also run a websocket test from here -

If you are behind a proxy or firewall that is restricting WebSockets, this is something that may require the intervention of your network's administrator to enable.

An alternative solution is to use an alternative network - such as a 4G phone/mobile broadband connection to connect to your call.

Interference from Antivirus Software

Similar to the above section, some Antivirus software can interfere with the establishment of a WebSockets connection.

If you are experiencing interference from your Antivirus Software, you may be able to add an exception for Coviu sites (https://* for your Antivirus to allow WebSockets to work.

If you are within a corporate network, this may require the assistance of your network administrator.