How Coviu works with Clinic to Cloud

This article describes how to configure Coviu and Clinic to Cloud to take telehealth appointments.

Last Updated: Sept 2021

Features available with this integration

  • Take Client/Patient bookings via Clinic2Cloud
  • Patients are sent an invitation to join a  video consultation from Clinic2Cloud with a link to their appointment/session

Listed below are the simple steps to show you how Telehealth works in Clinic to Cloud. These steps are essential for schedule management and appointment reminder notifications.

This article assumes you already have an operational Coviu account. If you don't, head to our website to find a plan that is suitable for you.

Set up your telehealth schedule and appointment types

Log into Clinic to Cloud and follow these steps:

  1. Click on on the settings menu, select Define your C2C
  2. Select Scheduler category and add a new scheduler category for Telehealth appointments.
  3. Then select Appointment type and create a Telehealth appointment.

    Customise your patient appointment reminders

    It is essential to include the relevant Coviu URL which could be for your Waiting Area, a Meeting Room or a User Room. Include the link in all telehealth appointment notifications to ensure patients know how to join the call at the right time.

    Appointment reminders are achieved in the following 3 ways: 

    1. Email Reminders - Email Notifications (with the Coviu link) to be sent to the patient before their appointment.  Customise these notifications by creating Appointment Types to create multiple notifications for specific Appointment Types (Telehealth new, Telehealth follow up etc.). 
    2. SMS Reminders - Send patients an SMS with the Coviu link as an additional reminder. Click here to learn more about SMS appointment reminders.
    3. Patient Portal Invitation - When inviting patients to log in to their Patient Portal, adjust the notification email to include your Coviu Telehealth link. Click here to learn more about the Patient Portal notification email. 

    To customise these notifications; Click on the Clinic to Cloud settings menu, select 'notifications' and create your Telehealth SMS/Email reminders which will notify your patients of their upcoming Telehealth appointments. 


    KEY TAKEAWAY: In addition to your regular appointment reminder information within the SMS or Email reminders, for Telehealth appointments, you MUST add your Coviu waiting room link

    Patient Portal Customisation

    Allow your patients to register online, complete pre-appointment questionnaires, access their results online and more.

    Once a Patient Portal invitation has been created specifically for your practice, enable the Patient Portal and customise what the patient can and can't see or do. Click here to learn how to customise your settings and enable the Patient Portal.

    Direct patients here to provide them with more information on how to use the Patient Portal if needed.

    Billing Telehealth items

    Clinic to Cloud supports Telehealth billing and claiming and also enables practices to track consult duration and to claim automatically and correctly. Click here to learn more about Automated Claiming. 

    MBS items numbers used for video conferencing, such as 99, 112, 149, 288, 389, 2820, 3015, 6016, 13210, 16399 and 17609 are used in conjunction with a range of existing MBS items numbers, all of which are recognised by Clinic to Cloud. 

    Helpful Information

    If you require any assistance or advice on how to set up one or more of the above to ensure your patients can connect to your new Telehealth appointments and operate your practice smoothly, please do not hesitate in contacting our Customer Care team on (02)  8705 5808 or

    Don't forget to find important updates and information on the Department of Health Alert Page here to keep your practice up-to-date during this time.