What plan am I on?

This article will help you determine which plan you are on e.g. Starter, Professional, Clinic or if your organisation has purchased an Enterprise implementation.

Our plans are categorised into two groups; Allied Health and GP/Specialist. We call these our SaaS plans (Software as a Service). Within those two groups are three options to cater for a range of organisation sizes:

  • Starter
  • Professional
  • Clinic.

For larger organisations, there is a fourth option of an Enterprise platform.

So how do you know which plan you are on?

A couple of quick checks you can do.

Take a look at the screen capture below and see if you can recognise any of these features:

  1. Take a look at the Clinic URL you are logged in to. If it includes coviu.com, you are on one of the SaaS plans.
  2. What about at the top of the Coviu window? Can you see an aqua coloured stamp displaying GP/SPECIALIST or ALLIED HEALTH? If so, you are on one of our SaaS plans.
  3. If none of these features look familiar then you're possibly on an Enterprise plan. Click here to find out how to check if you're on an Enterprise plan.
  4. If these features are familiar, click on Billing + Plan in the side menu.
  5. When you click on Billing + Plan, you will be taken to your Account Summary.

Here you can see your Plan e.g. the above plan is the Starter plan in the Allied Health group. The Account Summary also shows your next payment date, payment method and your account details which will list charges for any add-ons or additional users you may have on your account.

What about Enterprise Plans?

Enterprise plans might be a bit harder to spot. If you know who your Coviu System Administrator is, you can ask them directly. Otherwise, see if you can spot these features:

  1. When at your log-in screen, can you see your organisation logo? Most likely at the top right of the screen. The help text in the middle of the screen might also be customised to include some of your organisation details.
  2. Have a look at the Clinic URL you are logged in to. If it looks similar to the one shown below in the screen capture, you are on an Enterprise plan. The URL might include your organisation name or an abbreviation thereof.