How to Change Your In-Call Settings

This article describes how to change your in-call settings including the camera, microphone, speakers, call video quality and language.

Last Updated: November 2023

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How to change your in-call settings

When you are on a video call, click the Settings cog at the bottom left corner of the call interface screen to access the in-call settings.

Once you click the Settings cog, you will see the following in-call settings options:
  • Select camera
  • Select microphone
  • Select speaker
  • Select video quality
  • Select layout
  • Select background
  • Change language
  • Change audio behaviours
  • Select max video feeds (only visible if there are at least five call participants)

Click on each one to change the settings of your device or call interface. You will have the choice to choose between your default device settings or external hardware that you may have connected to your device, such as an external webcam, microphone, speaker, etc.

If you connect external hardware to your computer, but it is not functioning as it should be, you may need to access the in-call settings and make sure they are selected to be used correctly.

The example below shows that the default computer microphone has been selected:

More support options

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