Sharing your iPad/iPhone screen in a call

This article runs through the necessary steps to capture your iPad screen on a macOS device to then share in a call.

Last Updated: Oct 21 


  • As of iPad OS version 15.0 and iOS version 15.0 screen capture is only supported via the QuickTime player using a wired connection on macOS devices only.

If you are interested to include your iPad display feed to incorporate say an application running on your iPad as a part of your consultation or call process, please follow the steps listed below: 

  1. Connect your iPad device to your device running macOS via a wired connection (USB). 

  2. Once connected, make sure that your iPad is set to Trust your macOS device and also vice versa. 
    Trust Device
  3. Open the QuickTime Player on your macOS device. From the top menu bar head to FIle and then select a New Movie Recording.

    Start Movie Recording
  4. Once the Quick Time Player window is revealed, click on the drop-down arrow to select your iPad from the list of available sources.

    Recording View

    Recording Camera Enablement
  5. You will then see your iPad screen-captured within the Quick Time Player on your macOS device.  
    IPad Screen Capture

  6. Finally, you can return to your Coviu call-screen and click the Tools+ button to then access the  Start a Screenshare tool to share your iPad screen-capture running within the QuickTime player. You can also refer to our help article around screen sharing from here. 

  7. You can now continue with any activities based on your iPad OS device and view any changes take effect in real-time within your call screen for all call participants.
    Coviu Screensharing View
    Coviu Call Screen with IPad Screen Share

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