Team Member Configuration - Filtering Available

Now you can filter your Clinic Team Members by their Role and/or Permissions!

Users are able to select the Role/Permission level they are looking for in a specific team member and are also able to search by Keyword. For example, if a user is looking for a team member with admin access, they can simply select the Administrator filter under 'Roles'. The search results will then only display team members with the Administrator role. This feature is particularly useful for clinics with large teams to manage. 

When selecting multiple filter options, for example selecting both Administrator and Referrer Roles, this will act as an OR condition, meaning that it will show any user that has either of these Roles. This is the case for the Permissions filter as well. To clear a set filter, select Reset. 

This feature has been installed by default and is available on all plans.

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Updated 26/04/23