Tonic Media Waiting Area Video

Welcome to the Tonic Virtual Waiting Room

Health & wellness information for your clients, while they wait.

Coviu and Tonic Media Network have partnered together to provide health and wellness literacy for your clients in Coviu's virtual waiting area. Connect your clients to Australia's largest health and wellbeing media network while they wait for their virtual care consultation.

The Tonic App is a new and engaging alternative to playing music in the waiting room with video content specifically curated for your clients. The video is regularly updated and creates a safe and relaxing environment before the consultation begins. 

What's on Screen

  • Evidence-based, expert health advice.
  • 'Do anywhere' mindfulness and wellbeing exercise
  • Carefully curated lifestyle programming


  • Free for use on Coviu.
  • For Enterprise accounts, please reach out to your Coviu Account Manager to get this enabled. 

Enable the Tonic App

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Please contact for any questions.