Voicemail Functionality *Coming Soon!* 📞

Over the past year, we have worked hard to optimise the capabilities of our Phone Telehealth feature with many Coviu users stating that voicemail functionality was important to provide a better experience for their callers.

So, we are excited to announce voicemail functionality is coming very soon to Coviu's Phone Telehealth feature!


This feature will:

  • Allow your patient/clients to leave voicemail messages when a call is unable to be taken. 
  • Provide various options to configure your set-up to suit your practice workflow including the ability to send incoming calls to voicemail immediately, after a delay or after playing a custom message.
  • Allow you to set different voicemail settings for opening and closing hours. 
  • Plus more!

Stay tuned for more information to come! 

If you don't already have Phone Telehealth enabled, you can set it up on your account for just $15/month/account on Standard, Premium and Enterprise accounts.

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Please contact support@coviu.com for any questions.

Updated 10/03/23