What Is the Post-call Quality Survey

This article describes the new feedback prompt that appears after your video call has ended.

Last Updated: November 2022

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What is the Post-call Quality Survey

You may have noticed that, once your video call has ended, you are now prompted to provide a star rating for how well your video call performed or the call quality in general. We have updated the survey from the older 'thumbs-up-thumbs-down' version so that you can provide us with a better understanding of your user experience and gather information on the issues that are most experienced by our users (if any are present).


Once you click on a star, you will be presented with a few select boxes to choose from to further describe the star rating that you provided. Simply click on any select boxes that best explain your star rating (you can click on more than one if you wish). The options for the select boxes will change based on the star rating that you provided. Also, you can also provide comments in the comment box provided to add more specific details of what you experienced. Simply click Submit Feedback to finish.

Note: All of the information that is provided in the Post-call Quality Survey will be submitted directly to our engineering team to help us identify high-level problems and trends. It is best to contact our Customer Success team using any of the contact methods available here if you need further support on the issues that you have experienced.

More support options

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