Call Activity & Reports

This article runs through call reporting functions available on Coviu.

Last Updated: Nov 21 

NOTE: Reports are available to customers subscribed to Clinic or Enterprise Plans only. 

Coviu account owners and administrators can access different types of Clinic reporting which can be used for various reasons,  like to maintain or enhance one's virtual practice,  or to collate evidence around roles and activities for audits and reviews. This article runs through the following sections:

  1. What type of reports can I generate? 
  2. How can I generate a report?
  3. More support options


1. What type of reports can I generate?

The following types of reports can be generated for the various roles and call activities held in your account: 

  • Service Providers: detailed information about all the Service Providers in your Coviu Clinic and their consultation/call activity.
  • Meeting and User Room Calls: detailed information about all the calls that took place through either a Meeting Room or User Room and their participants.
  • Schedule Sessions: detailed information about all the consultations that took place through a Scheduled Session and their participants.
  • Waiting Area Consultations: detailed information about all the consultations that took place through a Waiting Area and their participants.

2. How can I generate a report?


  1. Sign in to your account and head to the Reports section.

  2. As shown in the example screen capture below,
    1. Choose your Reporting Period to a maximum of 60 days.
    2. Select your Time zone.
    3. Choose a minimum consultation duration and then;
    4. Click Generate

  3. You will see a summary for each of the reports generated as seen below: 

  4. You can choose to view a detailed report by either clicking Download to save it to your local device or by clicking Email to have the same report shared with your email address to later be viewed or downloaded.


  • Reports are saved as spreadsheets in .xlsx format. 
  • Each type of report has explanatory notes for the Field Descriptions on Sheet 2. 

You have completed another Coviu help article. You now know how to generate and access reports on Coviu.

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      Author: KI