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Enterprise - Coviu Service Levels and Response Times

This article outlines our Service Levels and Incident Response Times for Enterprise customers.


Last Updated: Feb 2022

On This Page:

  1. Who does this help article apply to?
  2. Terms of Service for Coviu Enterprise customers
  3. What are Service Levels?
  4. What is an "Incident"?
  5. Who is responsible for what?
  6. Hours of Support Provision and Response Times
  7. Response Actions
  8. Can I negotiate on the Service Levels?
  9. More Support Options

Who does this article apply to?

This article applies to Coviu customers who have purchased a Coviu Enterprise plan for their (large) organisation.

  • If you are unsure what plan you are on, click here to learn more.
  • If you would like to enquire about an Enterprise plan for your organisation, click here to learn more.

Terms of Service for Coviu Enterprise Customers

Click here to access our Terms of Service for Enterprise customers.

TIP: If you are on one of our SaaS plans e.g. Essentials, Standard or Premium, or in your 2-week free trial period, click here for your Terms of Service.

What are Service Levels?

Service Levels are generally associated with a Service Level Agreement (SLA). They are an agreement between a service provider (Coviu) and a customer. The SLA will outline thresholds and categorisations for various service levels. These may include software availability thresholds, responsibilities of both parties and timeframes for resolutions of incidents.

What is an Incident?

An Incident is defined as any event that may disrupt the use of the product or service being provided. The SLA should offer categorisations for incidents e.g:

  • Does the incident affect one customer or a segment of customers or all customers?
  • Does the incident stop all usage of the software or a segment of the software?
  • Is there a temporary workaround available?

Who is responsible for what?

As part of your Enterprise agreement, we separate responsibility for support into four levels, and would look to share some of those responsibilities:

  • Level 1 and 2 Support: Provided by the Enterprise Customer e.g. your Application Manager, your Telehealth Coordinator or your IT Service Desk etc.
  • Level 3 and 4 Support: Provided by Coviu.

To that end, we separate our support levels into these categories:

Level 1:
Basic User Support

Level 2:
Basic Technical Support

Level 3: Advanced Technical Support

Level 4: Service Outage

e.g. Problems with usernames and passwords

e.g. Help with a connection problem

e.g. Analyse connection problems and provide a solution

e.g. Website down

Software usage issues (Browser caches, updates, OS etc)

Help with a hardware problem (cannot choose correct camera, mic, speakers etc)

Analyse firewall problems and provide a solution

Connections can't be established

Payment issues

Help with bandwidth issues

Analyse hardware issues and provide a solution 

Functionality is offline

Hours of Support Provision and Response Times

Our standard hours of support are:

  • 9am and 6pm Brisbane, Australia time (“business hours”).

In addition, 24/7 incident management for Level 4 Service Outages will be provided according to the below table:


P1 - Critical

P2 - Urgent

P3 - Standard

P4- Low

Service Affected

Platform not accessible, or Video Calling capability not working

Reduced platform stability/ performance, or video calling affected

Non-core platform functionality

Non-core platform functionality

Active users / calls affected

All or a significant number

All or a significant number

Ten or more users

Less than ten users

Type of Outage

Core Functionality not available

* Complete Outage
* Data Corrupted
* System is too slow to respond making it unusable

Serious performance degradation, or service disruption in relation to Core Functionality

Service is degraded but Core Functionality is available

Service is degraded for a small number of users, but Core Functionality is available

Target Response Time within business hours

100% within 15 minutes

100% within 30 minutes

95% responded to within 4 hours

95% responded to within 2 business days

Target Response Time outside business hours

100% within 30min

100% within 1 hour



Target Resolution Time within business hours

100% within 3.5 hours

100% within 7 hours

95% within 3 business days

95% within 5 business days

Target Resolution Time outside business hours

100% within 7 hours

100% within 10 hours




Response Actions

Coviu follows an Incident Management process when an Incident has been identified. At a high level, this includes:

  • Activation of a range of Coviu staff to resolve the Incident.
  • Communications to customers to acknowledge the Incident and offer any workarounds.
  • Coviu may apply a notification banner to the login screen and dashboard to alert Users to an known incident (see screen capture below).
  • Implementation and rollout of a fix.
  • Communication to customers of the resolution. 
  • Closure of the Incident.

Can I negotiate on the Service Levels?

In short, yes.

If you are considering an "Enterprise" agreement with Coviu, we will discuss your operational requirements against the standard levels and then consider any changes required. It may mean your agreement with us has specific service levels.

More Support Options

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