Enterprise - Creating and Deleting Meeting Rooms

For Organisation Administrators and Team Administrators

All clinic users will have access to team meeting rooms that are set up by administrators. These rooms are generally used for staff meetings or communicating patient updates to other practitioners.

To create a meeting room:

1. Select the clinic you wish to add a room to, then enter the waiting area. Click the button labelled '+ Create a new room'.


Creating Covu meeting Rooms


2. Type the name of your new meeting room, then click 'Add a meeting room'


Setting meeting room name


To delete a meeting room:

1. Go to the waiting area of the clinic you wish to delete the room from. Click the 'Meeting Rooms' button and you will see each room name and their associated URLs.


Deleting Meeting Rooms


2. Click on the little rubbish bin icon next to the room you want to delete. Then select 'Delete Room' on the pop up screen.

Room Deletion Confirmation