HealthEngine and Coviu Integration

How to set up your Coviu booking link in HealthEngine

Coviu has partnered with HealthEngine to support practitioners with seamless telehealth bookings.


Practitioners with a HealthEngine account can now copy + paste their Coviu room link into the telehealth setup section in Practice Admin. Patients will then be able to book telehealth appointments through HealthEngine, as per usual.



Step 1: Sign in to your HealthEngine account.

If you don't yet have a HealthEngine account, click here to set one up with a special partner discount.


Step 2: Sign in to your Coviu Account
Click here to go to the sign in page.


Step 3: Copy your Coviu waiting area or room link
Depending on your practice workflow and Coviu plan, you will either prefer patients to enter your own personal room, your reception room or your waiting area.

Whatever link you usually send patients via Coviu is the link you want to copy. This will be the link the patient is sent upon booking their appointment, so make sure you choose the one that sends them to the right place.

  • Starter + Professional plan

You will find your room link on your dashboard. Select the room you want to the patient to arrive at, then simply click 'copy'.


  • Clinic Plan

You will find your waiting area link on the right-hand side of your dashboard.



Step 4: Paste the link into your HealthEngine account

Go to the Telehealth setup section in Practice Admin.


Select the 'Coviu Video' option and paste your room link in the text box.


Note: You can also set up private appointments in the same way.


Save the changes you made. Once booked by a patient, the telehealth appointment will have telehealth callouts (depending on the capability in the PMS) and the Coviu link will be displayed in the PMS - ready to be used at the time of the appointment.



Vendors that HealthEngine integrates with:


If you have any questions, please contact our customer success team via live chat on our website.