How does the Coviu-MediRecords Integration Work?

This article describes how the the integration works and how it connects you with your client or patient.


  1. Can this integration provide patient information from MediRecords into my Coviu call?
    1. No. This integration only provides a consultation invitation to your client or patient and a link into your booking for that client or patient.
  2. Can this integration pass documentation or other information shared in the Coviu consult back to the patient record in MediRecords?
    1. No. As above.

Last Updated: Dec 2021

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  1. How does the integration connect me to my client or patient?
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How does the integration connect me to my client or patient?

The integration uses our Scheduled Session workflow for connecting you and your patient into a consultation.

This means that both the clinician and client get a unique session link for each consultation. The link can only be used for that session and no future sessions. This differs from our Waiting Area or User Rooms which have a permanent static link allowing for generic entry to those workflows (with permission).

Where is the Invitation sent from?

When you connect your Coviu and MediRecords accounts, the invitation will be sent to your client or patient from MediRecords, not from Coviu.

How do I implement the Coviu-MediRecords implementation?

Click here for instructions on how to install the integration.

What if I have more questions?

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Author: KM