How to Let Patients into Your Room

This article describes how to let your client or patient into your User Room and shows what they will see in the process.

How do I accept a client or patient into my User Room?

You can accept a client or patient into your User Room (or Meeting Room) by following this process:

  1. Log into your Coviu account as you normally would.
  2. When it is time for a consultation, enter your User Room (if that is where you have designated the consultation to take place.
  3. Listen for the ringing tone of someone entering the Waiting Room of your User Room.
  4. The Call Manager menu should open on the right hand side or, you may click the Call Manager button to open it before hand.Call manager Icon
  5. With the Call Manager open, you will be able to see who is waiting to enter your room and that the Call Manager button now has a numeral against it showing how many guests are in the room.
    Call manager menu

What will my client or patient see when entering the room?

When coming into the call, your client or patient will be asked to enter their name and have their photo taken at which point, they will enter the Waiting Room until you Accept them into the call.

The waiting room looks like this:

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 4.45.30 pm

Your guest will be listening to music. They can choose from a couple of of playlists or if they want to wait in peace and quiet, they can simply pause the playback.

Don't forget to pick up your guests from the Waiting Room! There is only a ringing sound for the first guest that turns up in your call queue, so make sure to look out for the visual notification if you are busy in another window or are in a call.

Can I change the default music my client or patient hears while waiting?

Yes. The default music playlist that a guest starts with can be configured in your account. You'll need to be the account administrator to change it. Follow this prccess to change it:

  1. Log into your account as you normally would.
  2. Click Configure in the left hand menu.
  3. Click the Waiting Music tab.
  4. Choose from the options in the drop down menu under Default Music Playlist.
  5. Click Save when done.

Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 4.50.04 pm


Here's a tutorial video to explain how to let patient in your room: