How to update your Coviu billing details

This article describes how to make changes to your Coviu billing information such as credit card details or billing address.

Last Updated: Mar 2021


Note: This help article applies to Coviu Account Administrators on our Starter, Professional or Clinic plans. Click here to find out what plan you are on.

What changes can I make from to my billing details?

Within Coviu, you can update your:

  • Credit Card details
  • Billing contact information

Where do I make these changes?

All changes to your billing details can be made from within your Coviu account. Follow these steps to update:

  1. Enter your Coviu account as you normally would.
  2. From your Coviu dashboard, on the left hand menu, click Billing + Plan.
  3. To update your credit card details, click the Payment Method tab and fill in the new details. See screen capture below.
  4. Don't forget to click Save when done.
  5. To update your Billing name or email addresses, click on the Billing Details tab and fill in the relevant sections.
  6. Don't forget to click Save when done.

Your account details should now be up-to-date!


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