How to Use the Medipass and Coviu Integration

The Medipass Coviu integration allows healthcare providers to easily determine patient eligibility, raise insurance claims and process client/patient card payments entirely online from the Coviu telehealth platform.

Last Updated: April 2022


  • Do I need a need a new Provider number to use Medipass?
    • Possibly. If you are using Medipass as a cash/credit payment gateway only then no. If you are using the Medicare and DVA claiming options then you may need a second Provider number if your existing Provider number is already associated with another "Medicare location".
    • Check with Services Australia to see what is required.
  • How do I get my relevant Telehealth MBS Item numbers in Medipass?
    • When you sign up to Medipass, you will be assigned MBS Item Numbers relevant to your service provider type, based on the information you provide them when you create your account.
  • I already have a Medipass account. Can I just use that account?
    • Yes. Follow the instructions above to connect it to your Coviu account.
  • If I have connected my Medipass account to Coviu, can I also access it from the normal Medipass portal?
    • Yes. You can log into the Medipass portal from  
  • Can I use Medipass if I am not an Australian company?
    • No. At this stage, Medipass can only be used by Australian companies. You would need to be a company with an Australian Business Number and an Australian Bank account in which funds are settled.
  • Does it cost anything to use Medipass?
    • Coviu does not charge any transaction fees to use Medipass through Coviu.
    • Medipass pricing is available by clicking here.
  • Can my clients/patients use international credit cards?
    • Yes. There may be extra charges for processing international credit cards. Please check in with Medipass for more information.  

On this page:

  1. What does the integration allow me to do?
  2. How do I configure my Medipass and Coviu accounts?
  3. How do I take a payment?
  4. Links to Medipass Support
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What does the integration allow me to do?

  • Check Medicare, DVA and icare NSW account details and eligibility
  • Lodge Medicare bulk bill and patient claims at point of service delivery
  • Claim DVA, icare NSW and other supported insurer benefits at point of service delivery
  • Process patient payment cards instantly by online card entry or SMS request

As additional insurers and payment options are added to Medipass, those funders will be added to the invoicing options page. Click here to see who Medipass partners with.

How do I configure Medipass and Coviu?

  1. Sign up to Medipass.
    sign up to Medipass
  2. Enable the funding options in Medipass which are applicable to your business.
  3. Connect your Medipass account to Coviu by:
    1. Installing the Medipass App from the Coviu Marketplace.
    2. Entering your Medipass API Key in your Coviu Configuration page. Click here for instructions.

How do I take a payment?

  1. From Coviu, when in a client session, click on the Medipass logo on the bottom right of the screen. You will see the option to create an invoice for your client.
    How to Use the Medipass and Coviu Integration
  2. To check patient eligibility for an insurer, click Create invoice for the applicable insurer, complete applicable provider and patient account details, then click Verify details.
  3. Click Invoice to create a new invoice, pre-populated with client details from the Coviu session.
    1. For card payments, enter debit/credit card details in the manual entry screen or request a payment remotely by SMS request.
    2. For insurance claims and eligibility checks, click on the applicable funder and enter account and service details as appropriate.

    Screen Shot 2020-11-20 at 11.02.37 am
  4. Completed and outstanding payments/insurance claims can be tracked via the Medipass portal. This includes remittance reports to reconcile payments to your nominated bank account. Approved invoices are generally paid the next business day.

Links to Medipass Support Centre and Documents:

  1. Signing up to Medipass
  2. Medipass pricing
  3. Getting started with Medipass Card Payments
  4. Enabling Medicare and DVA
  5. How to find your API key
  6. How to enable Medipass Payments in Coviu
  7. Contact support

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