Pearson Assessments Apps now Available on Coviu

Due to popular demand, now available on Coviu, the following Pearson Clinical Assessments can be added to your video consultations.

Last updated: Nov 2021


The CELF-P3 A&NZ is used by speech-language pathologists to assess aspects of language necessary for preschool children to meet the language demands of the classroom.

Add this to your Coviu account for just $15 per month here.





The WIAT-III A&NZ is used by mental health providers. It is an individually administered achievement test for use in a variety of clinical, education, and research settings.

Add this to your Coviu account for just $20 per month here.




How to Add These Apps to Your Coviu Account

You can purchase any of the below tools from the Coviu App Marketplace. Once purchased, you’ll be asked to enter your Pearson Member ID. The tool can then be viewed within your consultation, ready to be used with patients.



For a more in-depth step-by-step guide on how to add any of these Apps to your Coviu account, click here.


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