Share an image or PDF

How to use this tool

To access the Share image/PDF tool in a call, you'll need to go to the top right corner of your Coviu call - you will see a Tools button.



Click on Tools - you'll be shown a list of available tools to be used in call.

Next, click on Share image/PDF.

You'll be prompted with the option to select an image/PDF to upload.

The number 1 will appear, between the Tools & Chat icons.

Coviu allows for multiple tools to be functioning at once - you have the ability to open multiple images/PDF's, interactive objects, the chat function etc. As you add or close another document, or open the chat feature etc, the number will increase/decrease accordingly. 

Please see this video tutorial about how to use the Share an Image or PDF



Note: The Add button is now the Tool Button.
The 'share a document' tool is different to 'share an image or PDF'